WA8 Grid Tote
WA8 Grid Tote

WA8 Grid Tote

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Made by hand in Brooklyn, NY

Machine knitted and lined

50% cotton 50% wool

Magnetic clasp closure

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This bag was made by hand by Elaine Shen in Brooklyn, New York. Here’s a breakdown of the love that goes into each bag:

The body and straps for the bag are knitted on a domestic knitting machine and the knitted fabric is felted by hand to create a denser fabric. The bag is then assembled and sewn together with a layer of lining fabric. Finally, the bag goes through various finishing processes, which include tucking and cutting ends, sewing on labels, and installing clasps. 

Raw material costs range from $4-$9 depending on if the yarns used were found/inherited/secondhand or sourced.